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It is calculated depending on the type of surgery, aesthetic, functional, restorative or a combination of these and also based on the skin type, type and model of the person. Therefore, it is better to visit Kimia Clinic in person to know the cost and do not compare yourself with any other client!
Perform all cosmetic procedures including: liposuction, body contouring 380, abdominoplasty, breast prosthesis Describe your services in full: mammoplasty-blepharoplasty-mastopexy-brachioplasty-thigh lift-temple lift-labiaplasty
Kimia Beauty Clinic expects mutual respect from you, dear patient, by observing all the rules and respect, just as the clinic is responsible to you, you are also responsible to it.
The satisfaction of the patients of this clinic is our first priority, so any rights of the patient will be respected and implemented.

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    کلینیک کیمیا با تجربه بیشتر از 7000 عمل زیبایی صورت و بدن و استفاده از به روزترین تجهیزات دنیا گزینه های متنوعی را در اختیار مراجعین خود قرار داده است. جراحان حاذق و با تجربه ای در کیمیا کلینیک مشغول به کار هستند و با به کار گرفتن تکنیک های نوین متقاضیان گرامی را در کوتاه ترین زمان ممکن به هدف خود؛ یعنی زیبا شدن می رسانند.